KL-07 Dog Trainer

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Dog Trainer


*1000 meters range.
*Easy-to-use, ergonomic transmitter.
*Waterproof collar/receiver.
*Receiver with rechargeable batteries
*The transmitter is the only address code, and will not conflict.
*Vibration, Constant, & impulse stimulation (adjustable intensity)
*Transmitter Weight: 38g
*Transmitter Size: 85mmx37mmx16mm
*Receiver Weight: 86g
*Receiver Size: 75mmx46mmx42mm


Fitting the Collar
The collar strap should be adjusted so that the contact points are held firmly against the dog’s skin. If the collar is too loose, irritation may result from the contact points rubbing against the skin.
If the dog has a heavy coat, move the receiver up and down to work the contact points down into the coat.

Function Selection
A: Long stimulation: vibration approximately 3 second
B: Short stimulation: vibration approximately 0.5 second
C: Long impulse: continuous impulse approximately 3 second
D: Short impulse: one impulse
Above four kinds of functions may show four kinds of movements. It needs you to train your dog slowly.
The button each time only must press down approximately for 0.5 second then, many according to useless.
E: intensity: Remember that you will need to adjust the setting (upward or downward) as the dog’s attitude changes, especially during times of increased excitement or distraction.



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