DT-8830 Infrared Thermometer Professional Infrared Thermometers

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Thermometer Infrared

8830 Professional InfraRed Thermometers provide fast, easy and accurate readings for most surface temperature measurements with Type K Input and 20 Points Memory
– User selectable C or F
– Laser targeting
– Automatic data hold
– Auto power off
– White backlit LCD display
– Overrange indication
– Trigger lock
– Max, Min, DIF, AVG record
– High and low alarm
– Adjustable emissivity
– Type K temperature measurements
– Max. Temperature
– Optical Resolution 13:1


Temperature -50~380°C
Resolution 0.1°C
Basic accuracy 1.50%
Than the distance 13:01
Adjustable rate launched 0.1 to 1.0 (step 0.001)
The corresponding time <1 second
Spectral Response 8~14um
Laser targeting <1mW 650nm laser-grade II
K-type thermocouple range -50~1370C
K-type thermocouple resolution 0.1 up to 200C, 1 over 1370C
Automatic access to the launch target rate Have
C/F conversion Have
Automatic data maintained Have
20 data storage Have
Max / min show Have
Average / margin Show Have
High / low-temperature alarm Have
Beyond the range tips Have
Automatic shutdown Have
Automatic locking Have


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